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Government Affairs

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Day on the Hill

ENA’s Day on the Hill

Each year we invite ENA members to advocate on Capitol Hill for issues impacting emergency nursing. No experience talking to your legislators? This two-day event features one day of training and one day spent advocating on Capitol Hill. Day on Hill reached capacity in record time this year, so reach out to your state council President if you’d like to participate.


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Advocacy Training, Senator Tim Kaine Highlight Successful Day off the Hill
ENA held its second Day off the Hill virtual advocacy event on May 11. More than 200 advocates registered for this year’s event which featured information on ENA’s legislative priorities and provided training and insights on holding virtual meetings with members of Congress or their staff. Senator Tim Kaine delivered heartfelt remarks about his experience authoring and supporting the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care provider Protection Act, one of this year’s “asks.” With perfect timing, ENA’s other priority ask for 2021, the Effective Suicide Screening and Assessment in the Emergency Department Act, passed in the House of Representatives in a vote held during the event. Learn more about the bill in legislative update below. New for this year’s Day off the Hill was a networking trivia night when ENA member advocates competed for free registration to Emergency Nursing 2021 in Orlando.

Legislative Updates

Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act
Seeks to address the disproportionate impact workplace violence has on emergency nurses and other hospital workers by mandating the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to develop and enact a national standard to protect health and social service workers from violence. Covered employers would be compelled to develop and implement workplace violence prevention programs in their facilities that include strong anti-retaliation measures to protect employees.

Status: After clearing the Education & Labor Committee on March 24, the bill was passed in the House of Representatives on April 16 in a 254-166 bipartisan vote. Senate introduction of a companion bill is expected soon.

House Bill: H.R. 1195
Senate Bill: Not yet reintroduced

Effective Suicide Screening and Assessment in the Emergency Department Act
Takes important steps to assist hospitals in providing care for patients at risk of suicide. This bill would establish a grant program to assist emergency departments in developing procedures for the identification, assessment and treatment of high-risk individuals, as well as developing best practices for discharge procedures and follow-up care for these patients.

Status: The bill was reintroduced on Feb. 25. House Democratic leaders bypassed the committee process to expedite floor consideration of this bill. On May 13, H.R. 1324 was approved by the House of Representatives by a 349-74 bipartisan vote. The bill awaits consideration in the Senate.

House Bill: H.R. 1324
Senate Bill: S. 467

Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act
Depression, anxiety and the accompanying burnout and suicide has been an emerging issue in the COVID-19 pandemic. This bill provides grants to raise awareness of, and provide training for health care professionals on, evidence-based strategies to reduce burnout and suicide, as well as to support mental and behavioral health treatment. It also includes provisions to examine the broader issue of burnout and behavioral health issues among health care workers.

Status: The American Rescue Plan, the most-recent COVID-19 relief package signed into law, included more than $100 million dedicated to training, education and awareness. It also offers direct support for health care providers experiencing burnout and other mental or behavioral wellness conditions. While supportive of this one-time injection of funds, ENA continues to support the full enactment of this legislation because it will create a more permanent program dedicated to addressing this issue as well as a more stable funding stream that can be more easily renewed year after year.

House Bill: H.R. 1667
Senate Bill: S. 610

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